Open Die and Closed Die Forgings

Open die and closed die forgings


Smelting line is composed of assorted vacuum induction furnace (1 ton to 6 tons, 12 tons), various types of ESR (0.5 tons to 20 tons), VAR (5 tons to 12 tons), Electroslag furnace protective atmosphere, EB, PAM. These equipments are representative of the contemporary world's most advanced level. Among them, PAM is the only one used exclusively for the aircraft engine rotating parts of the key materials in the production test and industrial equipment.

Forging Production Line

Forging production line consists of one 13 MN radial forging press manufactured by SMS-Meer, one 25 MN forging press manufactured by Demac, one 40 MN forging press manufactured by SPS,one 63 MN forging press manufactured (Under construction) related heating furnaces, and downstream heat treatment furnaces, finishing facilities, machining facilities, etc. The forging production line is mainly to produce forged intermediate and large-size high alloy bars, square steel, flat steel, die block, roll blank, shafting, disk and shaped forgings. It also forges some less-deformable high alloy materials to feed the downstream processes. Finishing line consists of shot blasting, abrasive wheel grinding and cutting facilities. In the downstream, there equipped with advanced nondestructive facilities including an ultrasonic tester, high precision C-scan equipment, etc. The maximum diameter of the forged bar is 1200 mm. The maximum diameter of forged disk is 2000 mm. The maximum weight of single piece of forging is 25 tons.

Forging bar

  • Dia.: φ80 to 450mm;
  • Shaft Forging(Dia. x L): φ180 to 1000mm x φ500mm - 8500mm
  • Ring and Flan Forgings(Dia. x L): φ500 to 1500 x 100 to 600mm, unit weight max 25 tons
  • Module Forging(THK. x Width): 100 to 400mm 300 to 800mm