Steel plate and sheet

Steel plate and sheet


Smelting line is composed of assorted vacuum induction furnace (1 ton to 6 tons, 12 tons), various types of ESR (0.5 tons to 20 tons), VAR (5 tons to 12 tons), Electroslag furnace protective atmosphere, EB, PAM. These equipments are representative of the contemporary world's most advanced level. Among them, PAM is the only one used exclusively for the aircraft engine rotating parts of the key materials in the production test and industrial equipment.

The steel plates, sheets we can produce:

  • Hot rolled plates, Cold Rolled sheets
  • Spring, carbon and alloy plates
  • Carburizing plates
  • High-manganese wear-resistant steel sheets
  • Chromium heat-resistant sheets, chromium-nickel sheets with aluminum, silicon, molybdenum, titanium additives etc.
  • Heat and creep resistant steel sheets
  • Stainless, acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant plate, sheets
  • Alloy sheets for heat-chemical treatment
  • Corrugated Corten sheets resistant to atmospheric corrosion
  • Manganese spring sheets, coils
  • Chromium-molybdenum sheets
  • Steel sheets of duplex type. superduplex
  • Chromium-manganese-silicon sheets
  • Ferrite and martensitic chromium sheets
  • Nitriding sheets
  • Tool steel sheets for hot and cold working
  • Tool sheets for shallow and deep quenching
  • Steel sheets of high-speed steel
  • Titanium and titanium alloys sheets
  • Nickel plates for low temperature operation
  • Boiler sheets for operation at higher temperatures and for pressure equipment, ASTM A387 etc.
  • Bearing steel sheets
  • Superalloys sheets - nickel, chromium-nickel
  • Strip steel, Plate, Sheets of pure iron, 
  • Hydrogen-resistant sheets at high pressures
  • Steel Coils, Hot rolled coils, Cold Rolled coils

Cold-rolled sheets made from Stainless Steel, duplex, Heat-Resistant steel, Quenching and Temperting(QT) steel, Spring steel

  • Cold rolled carbon structural alloyed steel sheets 0.5 to 4.0mm thick. 
    • Formats: width 600 - 1500mm, length 2000 - 6000mm
  • Cold-rolled corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, heat-resistant and stainless steel sheets 0.3 to 15mm thick. 
    • Formats: width 360 - 2150mm, length 2000 - 8000mm


Surface of cold-rolled, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, galvanized sheets
2DPickledSmoothWith heat treatment
2BStraight and pickledSmoother than 2D
BA / 2RStraight and pickledMirror + Foil
2ESurface without scaleRough matte
2CSurface with scaleSmooth

Hot-rolled, stainless, boiler, carburizing, wear-resistant, bearing, carbon, tool, high speed plates

  • Hot-rolled sheets of carbon steel structural alloy 2 to 600mm thick. 
    • Formats: width 1000 - 3000mm, length 2000 - 12000mm
  • Hot-rolled, corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, heat-resistant and stainless steel sheets 2 to 200mm thick. 
    • Formats: width 500 - 2500mm, length 2000 - 12000mm
Surface of hot-rolled, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant sheets
1CSurface with scaleroughWith heat treatment
1DPickled surface
1ESurface without scaleNo heat treatment
1USurface with scale

Special surfaces of stainless and acid-resistant sheets available on request.

Special surfaces of corrosion resistant plates
3NSheet sanded with abrasive grain 80-120
4N / 4TKSheet sanded with abrasive grain 150-400
1K / 2KSheets polished to a gentle gleam
1P / 2PSheets polished for a mirror effect
1M / 2MDecorative sheets
SBBrushed sheets

Cutted elements from sheets/plates by saw, plasma, laser and waterjet

Cut or burned elements of sheet metal
Gas-plasma cut partsthickness up to 300mm
Laser cut partsthickness up to 30mm<
Saw cut elementsthickness up to 1000mm
Water cut elementsthickness up to 150mm

  • rings or discs with a hole burnt from sheets,
  • discs, full wheels burnt from sheets,
  • Forms, cubes, calcines burnt or cut from sheet metal,
  • burnt elements according to technical drawings,
  • flat bars cut from steel plates and forged blocks,