Quality inspection

DetectionEquipmentEquipment Model
Chemical testingX-ray fluorescence spectrometerPW2600, PW2440, PW2404, ARL ADVANT XP
Photoelectric Direct-reading spectrometerARL-4460
Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzerEMIA-820V
Oxygen and nitrogen analyzerEMGA-620W
Hydrogen AnalyzerEMGA-621W
Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometerIRIS, iCAP6300
Graphite ove atomic absorption spectrometerAA-600, SOLAAR MQZe
Physical testingbrinell,rockwell, Vickers hardness testerZHU2.5, BTC-HZHU250, ZOOM TESTOR
Hydraulic pressure testing machineYAW6106
Electronic elevated temperature tensile testerZ150, 5585H
Cupping MachineBUP200
Electrohydraulic servo lowcycle fatigue testerMTS.810-318.25
High-frequency fatigue testerHFP150
Impact testing machineJB-W300
Electronic Creep Test MachineCSS-3905
DilatometerDIL 402C
Metallographic detectionMetallurgical MicroscopeJENAVERT, AXIOPLAN2, METALLUX-II
Micro Hardness TesterFM-700D, SERIES200
Automatic specimen grinding machineABRAPOL-2