Steel Bars


Smelting line is composed of assorted vacuum induction furnace (1 ton to 6 tons, 12 tons), various types of ESR (0.5 tons to 20 tons), VAR (5 tons to 12 tons), Electroslag furnace protective atmosphere, EB, PAM. These equipments are representative of the contemporary world's most advanced level. Among them, PAM is the only one used exclusively for the aircraft engine rotating parts of the key materials in the production test and industrial equipment.

High Alloy Bar Production Line

Imported Pomini technology is applied in high alloy bar production line to produce φ8 to φ220 mm bars,  wire rod: φ5.5 to 25mm, 20 - 50 mm square / flat bar and 4 x 150 x 310mm - 610 x 2100 x 7000mm. To meet deformation characteristics of high alloy steel during hot working, intermediate heating can be applied. The line consists of 16 mill stands with continuous 45o skew rolling technology to assure high requirements of dimensional accuracy. In the downstream of the line several continuous annealing furnaces, car-bottom annealing furnaces, hood type annealing furnaces , solution furnaces, finishing and flaw detection lines are installed to meet the quality requirements of high alloy products.

Hot Rolling Long products

  • round wire rod ø5-25mm
  • Coil ø15-40mm
  • round bar ø12-50mm

Hot Rolling High alloy bars

  • Round bar: ø14~ø85mm x 1500mm to 6000mm
  • Square bar: 20mm to 50mm x 1500mm to 6000mm
  • Flat bar: 8~20×28~75 x 1500mm to 6000mm

Main Products

  • Nickel base alloy
  • High strength steel
  • Special stainless steel
  • Special alloy structural steel

Cold bar / Peeling bar(Bright bar) / Profiled bar

  • Cold bar: ø9-50mm
  • Cold coil: ø2-20mm
  • Peeling bar: ø6-300mm
  • Profiled bar: 5.9×16-15×40 or other

TypeDimensionSelivery stateSpecification
Forging barΦ80~350Hot forged, Annealed, Ground, TurnedAMS, DIN, EN, Agreed
Hot rolling barΦ12~220Hot forged, AnnealedAMS, DIN, EN, Agreed
Hot rolling wire rodΦ5.5~17Hot rollingAMS, DIN, EN, Agreed
Hot rolling flat bar4~150*310~610*2000~7000Forging-Rolling bar, AnnealedAMS, DIN, EN, Agreed