Smelting line is composed of assorted vacuum induction furnace (1 ton to 6 tons, 12 tons), various types of ESR (0.5 tons to 20 tons), VAR (5 tons to 12 tons), Electroslag furnace protective atmosphere, EB, PAM. These equipments are representative of the contemporary world's most advanced level. Among them, PAM is the only one used exclusively for the aircraft engine rotating parts of the key materials in the production test and industrial equipment.


  • Forging Bar: ø50-ø850mm
  • Square Bar: 50-1000mm
  • Flat Bar: thick: min 50mm, width: max 1800mm
  • Disk, Ring: O.D.: ø150-ø2000mm

Hot Rolling

  • Round bar: ø8-180mm
  • Coil: ø15-40mm
  • Square Bar: 20mm to 80mm
  • Flat bar: 8mm to 20mm×28mm to 75mm

Bright steel

  • Cold drawn bar: ø9-80mm
  • Cold drawn Coil: ø2-20mm
  • Square Bar: 20mm to 80mm
  • Bright bar(Peeling): 6mm-180mm
  • Profiled bar: 6mm × 16mm to 15mm × 40mm