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Related steel grades of Turbine Blade Steels:

Steel Grade
1.3964, X2CrNiMnMoNNb21-16-5-3, S20910, XM-19

1.3964 Austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel stabilised with niobium for use in non-magnetic applications.displays non magnetic properties due to its high alloy content.

1.3816, X8CrMnN18-18, ASTM A289

ASTM A289 - Nonmagnetic retaining rings for 50MW-200MW power generator


P530 is a Special non-magnetic, austenitic Mn-Cr-N-steel with a Nickel-content of < 2%. Stainless steel for non-magnetic drill collars

1.4962, X12CrNiWTiB16-13, St17-13W

1.4962, X12CrNiWTiB16-13, X10CrNiW17-13-3 Stainless steel is an Austenitic Stainless Steel used in the production of turbine blades, gas turbine.